Finance Blogs: The Ultimate List For 2018

Mad Money Monster

Lisa is a mother, scientist, and financial enthusiast.

She founded Mad Money Monster, a personal finance blog chronicling her and her family’s journey from doing money all wrong to doing it all right.

She and her husband are known as Mr. & Mrs. Mad Money Monster on the site.

They pride themselves as being Gen-Xers who have turned it all around and are now charting a course toward financial independence.

Their goal is to inspire others just like them to take control of their financial future and realize it’s not too late!

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Earn Spend Live

Earn Spend Live is a community of women helping each other manage their finances, navigate their career, and live their best life!

As professional twentysomethings, we know we don’t have it all figured out – so we wanted to create a space where other twentysomethings (like you!) can come to get direct and to-the-point advice.

Earn Spend Live is our place to bring you first-person accounts of what it really takes to make it financially and professionally.

Dollar Squeezing Mom

Dollar Squeezing Mom is here to help people with the basics of personal finance.

Learn about money saving tips and tricks, side hustles, and budgeting.

Our goal is to help people realize that their financial path is not set in stone.Find Dollar Squeezing Mom on PinterestTwitter, and Instagram

My Millennial Guide

Brian Meiggs is the founder of My Millennial Guide, which is a finance-focused blog reaching over 20,000 followers. The blog has been featured on AOL, MSN, and Go Banking Rates.

Brian strongly believes in helping young adults, college students, and Millennials, and part of his mission is to empower others to take part in better financial literacy. 

He also provides a resume writing service to clients and offers free financial guides and articles to help others navigate their lives. 

Visit his blog to learn more and follow along.

Leisure Freak

Retire Early and Often Through Frugal Living, a Passion-Driven Lifestyle.

I successfully embraced a different approach to retirement and financial independence. It’s the absence of NEEDING to work that defines retirement, not the absence of working.

The site shares how I retired early and now only pursue opportunities of interest and passion. When I hear the little voice in my head tell me it’s time, I retire again.

I have created a lifestyle, mindset, and portfolio where I’m free to work or not work for pay, which I see as the new retirement for the modern age.

Leisure Freak offers tips, resources, suggestions, and considerations for anyone to do the same. 

Financially Mint

Financially Mint is a personal finance website to help students manage their money in college, written by Araminta: an actual college student.

Content includes weird experiments, interviews and in-depth research to help students graduate financially intelligent and ready for the confusing adult world.

Alain Guillot

Blogs and podcasts about personal finance and entrepreneurship. Our primary goal is to help regular people get out of debt, save more, earn more and invest wisely.

We blog and podcast a minimum of once a week.

The Savvy Couple

The Savvy Couple is a popular personal finance & lifestyle blog designed to help readers Live Life Better. Learn how to make, save, and manage your money like never before!

Go check out their mega list of 100+ money saving tips you need in your life

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Joney Talks

Jonathan a fun-loving Belgian, number geek and passionate about all things personal finance on a mission to bring his passion and experience in order to help you conquer your financial dreams!

Let’s Automate Your Money

Let’s Automate Your Money is the place for millennials to learn about money.

David Shepherd teaches millennials how to make, manage, and invest money like a badass. Schools aren’t teaching personal finance. Parents act like money is a taboo subject. At Let’s Automate Your Money, David is laying down the uncensored money tips millennials need.

If you want to be a Money Badass, this is where you need to be.

Fab Fem Finance

Provides investing and money advice for women at any stage of life.

Defeating Normal

In a world where debt and mediocrity in our lives and careers seem to have become “normal”, I am on a mission to defeat it. is about my journey through life, finance and personal development.

The Froogal Stoodent

Talking sense about dollars! I write about money, personal finance, frugal living, college tips, and the Millionaire Mindset.

A Theory of Change

Sandra Parsons is a freelance writer, behavioral finance expert, and blogger.

She founded to help people establish small behavioral changes that lead to big financial impacts.

It’s a beautiful day to change your life.

Finance Gab

Finance Gab is a Personal Finance and Investment Blog.

Find ideas about Investment Plans, Investment Options, Insurance Plans, Health Insurance, Tax Planning, Loans, Credit Cards & More.

The Xennial Blogger

The Xennial Blogger is about learning how to grow your money with simple steps to real estate investing, how to build side hustles and home businesses, and chasing financial independence, one dollar at a time.

I have worked in real estate for nearly 20 years, and have run successful home businesses.

It’s time to put my knowledge to work, and help people meet and exceed their own personal finance goals.

Dividend Daze

Blogging about Dividend growth investing and the pursuit to achieve financial freedom through the power of passive income.
30and0 is a personal finance website for those getting their finances in order later in life.

Most advice is aimed at the older Millennial or younger Gen X person but can be applied to everyone!

The site is a mix of advice and anecdotes of all things personal finance with a specific focus on side hustles and additional income strategies. 

Foxy Monkey

Foxy Monkey is all about life-hacking and financial independence.

You will learn how to save more, make an extra income and invest the surplus wisely.

Working because you want to not because you have to! As the famous saying goes: “Your money can work harder than you can”.

The Marriage, Kids & Money

The Marriage, Kids and Money Podcast is dedicated to strengthening your family tree and guiding you to financial freedom. 

The show will provide you with the actionable advice to create your best marriage, a strong bond with your children and make your money work for you.

Dividends Diversify

Dividends Diversify is a personal finance website with emphasis on building passive income by investing in dividend stocks. 

The content on Dividends Diversify promises to entertain and educate the reader about creating wealth in pursuit of financial independence.

Financial Horse

Financial Horse was started to demystify financial investments.

He is a firm believer in the quote by Einstein that “If you can’t explain it to six-year-old, you don’t understand it yourself.”

Too much of finance is shrouded in complex financial jargon, sometimes intentionally so, and Financial Horse aims to gallop through the obfuscation


DollarSprout is a personal finance blog geared towards helping young adults make smarter choices with their money.

The blog has a particular focus on exposing readers to new ways to make extra money (and save it) that they might not have considered before.


This blog is personal finance made easy.

Insightful articles and steps to help you on your personal finance journey.

Most people grow up with little to no personal finance education.

I hope to educate and help people live a life of financial freedom.


My blog is a frugal lifestyle blog at and we aim to provide inspiration for people to live a fabulous good quality life.
Medium Sized Family

Jamie and her family paid off tens of thousands of dollars in credit card debt by using her #yearofno theory.

Her goal is to encourage you to feel empowered against debt, and to learn new ways to stretch your budget.

Get money saving ideas you can use in your own life from 

Rich On Money is an early retirement real estate and investing website.

Rich is in the military and has built a portfolio of 20 paid-off single family homes while living outside the United States.

He talks about how he does it.

The Thought Card

The Thought Card is a travel finance blog that shares how to make travel a financial priority in your life despite financial constraints like student loan debt and owning a home.

The Thought Card teaches people how to become financially savvy travelers by focusing on travel planning and creative saving strategies. 

Her Every Second Counts

HerEveryCentCounts is a personal finance blog meets mommy blog meets mental health and lifestyle blog.
With a growing readership and nearly 3000 twitter followers, HECC is dedicated to providing honest advice and personal musings on being a professional mother in a high-cost-of-living area.
Doctor Debt

My passion is helping others.

Every day I meet with people who are struggling financially.

My goal is to help you avoid coming to see someone like me. 

Helping you have healthier, happier finances.!
Heartland on Fire

We are a Midwestern couple with 2 kiddos who discovered the Financial Independence/Retire Early movement in our 30s. 

We paid off more than $56,000 of debt in 1 year.  Readers of our blog can follow along as we share our journey towards Financial Independence.

Life Planning Today is about more than money. 

I’ve been a CFP since 1990 so yes there is seasoned professional financial information.
I also write about life and the stuff that happens and how you can make financial and non financial decisions that positively impact your life.
Your Smart Money Moves

Your Smart Money Moves brings you common sense financial advice. 

Most of the major networks and many high falutin financial advisors use words and jargon that may be over your head. 

What we’ve learned is that most people are so busy in their hectic schedules that they need easy to implement advice for their daily lives. 

That is exactly what you’ll get from this blog – plus some funny insight about our emotions and how we think about our money.

The Wealth Hound

Personal finance, investing and everyday money tips! Learn to navigate life’s financial obstacles with The Wealth Hound.

You can make simple changes to your personal finances that will make a HUGE impact on your financial health and long-term wealth!

Financial Jiu Jitsu

2 Engineers, 1 Finance/Lifestyle blog.

You do the math.


ModMoney is a personal finance and lifestyle blog that brings a fresh perspective to saving, spending and living well.

Erica Holland created ModMoney as the resource she wished she had as a young professional.

Through this platform, she simplifies personal finance in a relatable way and delivers advice and inspiration for navigating the adult world expertly.

From The Bach Row

The author of started out in science and ended up in sales & marketing by choice.  

The blog focuses on career management, leadership, best practices and tools to achieve Financial Independence.They don’t effectively teach personal finance in school and by the time one figures it out, most of us let time and resources slip through our fingers.

Now it’s time to pay it forward to this “next gen” to help them shave 15-20 years off of working for “the man”, with insights, a library of tools and motivation. The ability to achieve Escape Velocity & FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early) is a movement that just about anyone can be a part of. Just do something about it. why not start here?
Millennial Revolution

FIRECracker is Canada’s youngest retiree.

She used to live in one of the most expensive cities in Canada, but instead of drowning in debt, she rejected home ownership.

What resulted was a 7-figure portfolio, which has allowed her and her husband to retire at 31 and travel the world.

Their story has been featured on CBC, the Huffington Post, CNBC, BNN, Business Insider, and Yahoo Finance.

To date, it is the most shared story in CBC history and their viral video on CBC’s On the Money has garnered 4.5 Million views.

She started the blog to help others retire early and escape their 9 to 5.

Working Moms Word

I got many financial learning’s from my mom.

There are so many stories, I promise,I will share throughout my blog.

So all moms out there are welcome to my blog to read my views regarding life, finance, foods, couponing, fun, travels  working moms dilemmas etc.

Please stay in touch and share your comments on my posts. I believe I’m not an expert.

I need critics like my mom.

Thus, I can feel her presence and can learn new things as well!


Young Income

Personal finance blog designed to help millennials be great with money. 

These Dutch Guys

These Dutch Guys use insights from psychology, advanced computer models, large data sets and thorough testing to achieve annual returns of over 200 percent in stock market trading.
The Ways to Wealth

The Ways to Wealth is the place to learn proven ways to make money, save money, and invest it wisely. Founded by Certified Financial Planner® R.J. Weiss in 2016, The Ways to Wealth has grown fast reaching 250,000 monthly visitors in less than 18 months.

Cash The Checks

Cash The Checks

Edwin, the money hacking millennial behind Cash The Checks., enjoys finding and sharing new ways to make money. His goal is to help you improve your money habits and live a richer life.

Matt Topley

We help business owners and execs be smarter in 10 minutes each morning with a quick synopsis of what is going on in the markets and economy.

Future Proof MD

Future Proof MD is a resident-run financial blog dedicated to digestible financial tips for medical trainees.

The goal is to help medical students, residents and fellows get to the enviable state of financially future proof.

Twenty Something Lawyer

George is a female 30-something public interest lawyer in the Philippines who blogs about money and travel in her spare time.

Keep Thrifty

At Keep Thrifty, we help people think differently about money so they can create the freedom they’ve been looking for in their life. We’ve also got an awesome expense tracking app to help you on your journey!


Inveduco coaches Millennials through the complex world of money so that they can make educated decisions and reach their financial goals.
Our mission is to help our readers learn how to invest with confidence and become financially independent. We also encourage and teach about entrepreneurship. 
Vow of Practicality

The Vow of Practicality dives into the practicality of decision making. We try to find out what actually works “in practice.” What makes us happy, what drives us, how do we find our dreams and follow them.

Peerless Money Mentor

Peerless Money Mentor is a place where I share my peerless money tales and observations.

I write about pursuing financial independence through side hustles like Ubering and Wegolook.  My cornerstone article is From Broke Phi Broke to Financially Woke that was featured on in the article I share my money mistakes and the steps I have taken to leave that broken place.

Family Money Plan

Family Money Plan is where parents can go to change their finances and improve their lives. They share tips, tricks and resources for parents to thrive in their daily lives.

Distilled Dollar

Distilled Dollar is the story of two frugal entrepreneurs as they pursue financial independence at an early age. From living paycheck to paycheck to saving over 60% of our income within 3 years, my wife and I share ways we save money, make money, and how we lead a rich lifestyle. Hint: It requires two pets and a decent amount of binge-watching on the TV! 🙂

Magical Penny

Well established (since 2010) UK-based personal finance blog spreading the message of compounding returns through savings and investments, established by Adam Piplica, a financial planning professional in Leeds, UK.

Atypical Life

Here at Atypical Life, we share the path to financial success.

The masses take one path, but if you take the atypical path you will surely find financial success and happiness. Come by to learn about personal finance, budgeting, financial independence and much much more to steer you along the path to financial success.

Healthy, Savvy & Wise

Healthy, Savvy & Wise is a money, budgeting, and investing blog that also covers some topics in health and wellness.
We emphasize making sense of retirement plans, freelancing, best business mindsets, managing finances, and helping Millennials retire wealthy.

If you’re looking for effective ways to improve time management, prioritizing skills, and productivity, we have a fantastic series to help you master these areas.

Worth Watchers

Worth Watchers The goal is to create of community of users who share their net worth online. Also a place to share my experiences with money so that others can benefit.

TradingBeasts portal educates traders of all levels about CFD instruments (especially about Forex and cryptocurrencies) and about binary options.

They do their best to provide comprehensive information which you can use to improve your trading results. Apart from writing news and educational articles, they also warn about scams and doubtful projects (with the help of their readers).

Mindfully Investing

Mindfully Investing is all about using mindfulness to make better investing decisions. Investing mindfully means investing with greater success and peace of mind.

Ola was a bad person.

At least that’s what everyone told me.

My neighbors told me he had a criminal record which included assault, car theft, and narcotics dealing, but that his REAL passion was B&E thievery.

Not good.

Earning My Two Cents

Personal finance, mystery shopping, and side hustling to get out of debt and live my best frugal life.


TheTirelessWorker aims to share useful and effective investing tips and knowledge with anyone who is interested. He also regularly talk about positivity and the day to day happenings in his life.

Just Making Cents

We aim to show you how to make more and save more so that you can invest more and give more. We believe it’s possible to reach your financial goals while making the world a better place for others.


Personal finance with a twist. Financial independence through the lens of a physician and entrepreneur.

Mama Moneyshaker

helping people to build their dream life and to have fun doing it.


Little Miss Fire and a bit about me is

Join me on my journey to financial independence. I’m talking making money, saving money and quitting my job before I’ve even started planning.

Len Penzo

Len Penzo dot Com is a multiple Plutus Award winner. Known as “the off-beat personal finance blog for responsible people,” Len’s irreverent blog covers personal finance topics and macroeconomics in a unique and highly entertaining manner.


From Cents to Retirement

Retire early through real estate

Wealth Whispers Guy

Welcome to the blog of the Wealth Whispers Guy! Here to share my thoughts on the path to financial independence and escaping the mundane 9 to 5 routine. I’m just a guy discussing creative ways to increase income, decrease expenses and most importantly what to do with the difference.

Elementum Money

Elementum Money is one of the rare personal finance blogs based in India.

It exists to empower women to think about their financial dreams, chart out a course towards it and succeed in achieving it.

Homely Economics

Homely Economics is a personal blog about using budgeting, saving and financial planning as a means to help build a happy family life. It’s about making the most of a limited income and being money-savvy without becoming obsessed by money. Uniquely, it offers insights on child maintenance issues as well as general finance tips.

Finance Clever 

 Family of 3 in their late 20’s pursuing financial independence. chronicles this young’s family journey.
Topics covered include, intentional living, frugality, investing, taxes, and other personal finance topics.
Ultimate Money Blog

I’m a 30-something mama currently working at home.  I’ve been married to the love of my life, Mr. Money, since September 2005.  We have a daughter who was born at home in January 2012.

We believe in a simple, natural lifestyle.  We strive to not only save money, but reduce our consumption and live a little more green at the same time. Adding a baby into the mix has been so much fun, as we’re still striving to be green while raising our baby!