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Easy Steps With A Google AdWords Optimisation Checklist Made Simple


Google Adwords is one PPC advertising technique that has to be carried out carefully. You can get everything right, but if you’re not particularly careful with the way you set up your Adwords campaigns, then nothing else will matter. The difference between making a lot of money and losing a lot of it lies with a proper campaign.

Google Adwords is not just about setting it up and forgetting it, you have to keep managing it! A keyword that’s converting today can stop converting tomorrow. This is the reason why you need to keep monitoring it to make sure you get good return on your investments. If you don’t handle your Google Adwords optimisation right, you may end poking a big hole in your wallet with nothing to show for it.

Without much ado, here’s a checklist to guide you when optimising your ad campaigns:

Rotate Your Ads

Consistently rotate at least 2 distinct advertisements. If you find a winner, then delete the other one. Afterwards, write another ad and try to make it better than current winner. It doesn’t stop there, you have to keep doing this to increase your response rate little by little over time.

Keyword Management

Keywords are very important when optimising your Google Adwords campaigns. You should look at each individual keyword as a different traffic source. Do away with keywords that are not making you any money and focus on those that really convert.

Bid Management

When it comes to managing your bids, if you find keywords that are losing a little or breaking even, you only have to lower your bid prices and you’ll be okay. On the other hand, you should consistently increase the bid prices of moneymaking keywords, so you can be able to make more money.

Test Your Headlines and Landing Pages

You should always test your headlines, landing pages, call to action and more. This could be the holy grail of superb high conversion rates! You can as well test yours offers; rotating offers to see which one makes you the most money. Testing can be done readily with Google website optimiser.

Grow Your Campaigns

You have to add new landing pages and keywords on a regular basis so you can get more traffic with time. The truth is, you may even be able to promote more offers, which means more money for you as time goes by. 

Track Your Campaigns

You should always track your campaigns. You can choose to track either sales or leads, whichever you decide. If you need to track both, then use an additional tracking script with the usual conversion tracking code.

This is just a quick checklist for your Google AdWords optimisation. Remember, with PPC, you have to get it right or regret afterwards. Good Luck!

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