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Is Your Google AdWords Safe From Click Fraud?

When Google AdWords was launched in October 2000, it’s safe to say that it changed online marketing forever. Now sixteen years later it is an integral part of many companies marketing activities.

However, just as businesses are enjoying the benefits of using AdWords’ pay per click service, there are certain individuals and organisations out there who are willing to exploit it in more negative ways – namely click fraud.

This doesn’t mean to say that AdWords is ineffective, it just means having the right tools in place to monitor this behaviour will undoubtedly add value and give you the best chance of success.

What is Click Fraud?

Click fraud is the act perpetrated by competitors, people or bots in attempt to inflate your advertising spend with the ambition of improving their own chances of advertising success.  Undetected, this practice can lead to the advertiser believing that pay per click advertising does not work. Quite simply, a click fraudster will click on your ads repeatedly, in some cases they’ll navigate around which will make the click look natural.

What about Google’s Invalid Clicks system?

It’s true that an invalid clicks system does exist within AdWords but with such little understanding and transparency coupled with a lack of user control, it leaves some AdWords users feeling paranoid that the problem is not being dealt with effectively.

Indications of Click Fraud

  • Excessive spend that doesn’t generate leads or sales.
  • Unusually high click through rate (CTR).
  • Unusually high invalid click activity.
  • High bounce rate.

How to protect yourself against Click Fraud?

Many digital marketing agencies are now offering ClickCease, an automated detection & protection system to combat click fraud.  Monitoring for this type of behaviour is an essential process that once embedded into the routine of managing an AdWords account can eliminate wastage, allowing the agent to focus on all of the other complexities of managing AdWords to increase the ROI for their clients.

To find out more about how ClickCease can help reduce click fraud, visit for a free 14 day trial.  Plans start at $15 per month.

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AdWords Click Fraud

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