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SEO Packages: Do You Need Some Advice?

You’re probably wondering if investing in SEO Packages is right for you.

Well, do you want to increase your customer base and bring in loads of new local traffic?

Are you keen to stand out from other local rivals and be the number one business in town?

If so, then you need a good tailored local SEO package that improves your online marketing strategy.

SEO is a fundamental part of every company’s marketing strategy and something you should strive to improve.

We have an affordable SEO service that can help your business get to the top of the search rankings for all of your important global & local targeted keywords.

In addition to this, we also have various SEO packages that are fantastic for small eCommerce businesses.

Alongside regular SEO, local SEO is essential for increasing your customer base, driving traffic to your site, as well as driving foot traffic to your local business too.

You’ll find that a great local SEO service can help you increase sales and see a positive return on investment.

What Is Local SEO?

Before purchasing a local SEO package, it makes sense to understand what you’re buying. It’s understandable that many small business owners and individuals don’t know what local SEO is.

It’s something that’s only commonly discussed within the marketing industry, meaning marketing professionals like us are the authority on this topic.

Essentially, local SEO is the most effective way you can marketing a local business online. The whole premise behind it is that you’re promoting your company to local customers. If consumers are searching for things relating to your business, your website is more likely to appear to them if you’re in their local area. Likewise, if they search for services similar to yours within your area, then you’ll appear.

With a good local SEO service, your company will appear high up in the local listings on search engines. If you’ve ever searched for a company near you before, then you’ll know what we’re talking about. Before the organic search results, there’s a section with a map and a load of business listings relating to what you searched for. The aim is to make your company the top listing for your best keywords.

Our Local SEO Service

As a leading digital marketing agency that specializes in SEO, we have all the tools available to provide a top local SEO service for your business. The service we provide revolves around looking at these main things and making sure your business is in the best position to take advantage of them from the natural search results to managing your AdWords & PPC.

Local Keywords

Keywords are one of the most important aspects of all types of SEO. With organic SEO, you’re looking for a handful of keywords that relate to your business. With local SEO, you’re still looking for these, but they must be accompanied by a regional identifier. For example, let’s say you run a marketing agency in London. Instead of only focusing on keywords like ‘marketing agency’ you’ll want to include your area of operations too. So, it becomes ‘marketing agency London’ or ‘London marketing agency’ and so on and so forth.

We ensure that your website is rich with these local keywords to help your business appear when local customers are searching. As well as including these keywords in the content, we also want them to appear in the URL, title pages, headings, meta descriptions, etc

Map Search Optimization

One of our top priorities is improving your visibility on local listings. To do this, we aim to help you secure company profiles. We make your business register for a Google My Business page (which used to be known as Google Places). This is how you get your company to display on the map above the organic search results in Google.

Geo Target

Once registered, you have a Google My Business page that needs optimizing. This is where we come in and make sure your page is fully optimized to do better in the listing results. We want to take you from the last result all the way to the top. To do this, we focus on filling your page with relevant information about your location to make it as easy as possible for customers to find and contact you. We also write a description for your business, which helps us include more of those all important keywords.

All of this comes together to form something we call map search optimization. Not only will this help you in regular searches, but it will also help you when someone is searching for your business via Google Maps.

Local Listings

We also make a conscious effort to get your site on websites that offer local listings. We want to get your business on popular sites like Yelp or the Yellow Pages. This allows us to capitalize on their web traffic as they can direct users to your site.

A lot of people still head to these sites when they’re searching for local companies. So, it’s crucial that you have a presence on such sites, to help improve your local SEO.

Link Building & Local Content

Link building will always be an important way of improving your rank within search engines. We aim to build quality white hat links that improve the local performance of your business website. To go along with this, we also help create local content that attracts your target audience. Local content enables us to make good use of your valuable keywords and play on your location. It also makes it more likely you can bring in local customers as the content is directed towards them.

Social Media

Social media is also a great way of improving a local SEO strategy. It’s well known that social media interaction can greatly influence your ranking in search engines. With local SEO, you want to focus on interacting with local people and getting them to share your posts and like them, etc. This is what we do, we help improve your social presence on different platforms to give your local SEO a massive boost.

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