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A London SEO Expert`s Success Story You’ll Never Believe


Richard Marriott wasn’t an expert at SEO when he started. In fact, he was a self-proclaimed newbie.

Yet, with just one incredible piece of content, he became a top London SEO expert overnight.

That one piece of content now ranks at the top of Google for its keyword, ahead of established websites and experts.

That’s a success story by anyone’s definition, following Richards success, I was able to use the valuable information to rank my own site high on the almighty Google and claim my position with my own bespoke SEO services and my free SEO tips and advice on my blog.

So Back to Richard, how exactly did he manage this fantastic feat of SEO ingenuity?

He Refined His Target Audience

Luckily for Richard, his target audience was him!

Newbies that were intrigued about SEO, but didn’t know where to start.

He was desperately searching online for a list of SEO tools that would help him get started with his website promotion.

He quickly realised that a good resource didn’t actually exist (that was then).

Because he was his own target audience, he was able to spot that gap in the market.

It just proves that your first step is to understand exactly what your target audience wants.

He Wrote Better Content

Most SEO consultants will tell you that pumping out blogs three times a week is the best way to improve your ranking.

It gives you more chance to get backlinks, and helps you use keywords, right? Well, yes.

But, pumping out content for the sake of it isn’t going to help anyone.

What Richard did instead, was put all his time and effort into one ultimate piece of content.

He sent out over 100 emails to SEO experts and bloggers for tips and asked them for the three essential SEO tools.

He received 50 replies, and instantly had the most authoritative information on SEO tools.

What he created was an essential resource, not just a fluff piece.

He Used The Right Keywords

Of course, this brilliant piece of content was just the start.

Richard knew that SEO still relied on very particular keywords. In his case ‘link building tools’.

That was his primary keyword, and he now ranks right at the top of Google for this term.

Not only that, but Richard understood the importance of ‘long-tail’ keywords. These are all the similar and related terms.

Well, his content was now full with every single big name in the SEO world. It also listed every great SEO tool. That’s your long-tail keywords taken care of!

He Secured lots Of Backlinks

Best of all, he knew that Google pays careful attention to the backlinks that feed a website.

The more links, the better the authority.

Well, thanks to featuring 50 of the hottest SEO experts on the internet, they all linked back to him.

He instantly had the entire SEO community linking to his one small website.

That gave him a huge amount of authority in the industry.

He didn’t stop there, however.

He then relentlessly emailed this resource to every major marketing blog out there.

He secured plenty of additional coverage, and built up even more links. Good work, Richard.

As you can see, Richard Marriott is a genuine London SEO Expert and one of the best success stories in SEO.

His clever combination of keywords, backlinks, and fantastic content is the backbone of SEO.

If you would like to build the foundation to become the next on-line success story reach out now to contact the website promoter to get started and we don`t just cover London.

We get asked for help with SEO & AdWords Management from all over the world.

This Infographic should help give you an idea of how to start promoting your website with search engine optimisation techniques and is something even a beginner can implement from day one to get more visibility and traffic to their website.

Just follow the simple steps and watch your traffic grow.

Just remember we all started somewhere, in time your hard work will pay off.

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Author: websitepromoter

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