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Pimp Up Your Landing Pages And Site Speed For SEO To Get Better Rankings And Conversions



Today we’re going to show you how to pimp up your landing pages for ultimate conversions and sales.

These tricks and techniques will quickly turn passive visitors into money-making conversions.

We’ll also talk about the importance of page speed and loading time.

It’s become a crucial importance for ranking on Google, and keeping your customers happy. (Remember, when they’re happy, they buy things!)

What’s a landing page?

First of all, let’s clear up any confusions. A landing page is a highly optimised page that you send all your traffic to.

Not only are landing pages fantastic for your Pay Per Click & AdWords Campaigns but also has a great benefit to Organic SEO.

Using PPC adverts, you’ll direct tons of traffic to a landing page, where they’ll be greeted with your product or service.

The job of the landing page is to drive sales.

Lots of them. So, how do you convert as many as possible?

Create just one goal

The trick is removing all the distractions.

There should be no exit links or confusing content.

You’ve got just one goal here.

Drive sales.

There’s no need to get creative or ambitious, just close the sale.

If they’ve clicked on your link they’re already interested in what you’re offering.

So make sure it’s clear, simple, and direct.

Decide on just one goal, and put it front and centre.

Who is your audience?

The key to selling to people is connecting with them.

Make them feel comfortable, and persuade them to complete the sale.

To do that, you need to know exactly who you’re selling to.

When you know everything about your audience, you can tailor your landing page accordingly.

You can use images that will connect with them. You can use language and copy that resonates with them.



It’s easy to sell to people when you know exactly who they are.


The call to action is the single most important aspect on your landing page.

This is the button that you need your visitors to click. It’s the buy button or the ‘signup’ button.

This is the conversion, and it’s got to be compelling and persuasive. The best ones are big, and coloured in bold to draw attention.

They use carefully chosen words to lure the customer in, and convince them to click on it.

Remove the risk

No matter how convincing your landing page, there is always a small part of the customer that’s unsure.

So, remove the risk with a simple line of copy.

It could be a money-back guarantee. It could be social proof (“100,000 sales so far!”) or a testimonial from a big client.

Anything that convinces them there’s little or no risk involved.

Page speed

Last of all, make sure your landing page is super fast. Test your site speed for free here .

According to statistics, visitors will leave a site that takes more than three seconds to load.

If it takes that long, your potential lead is frustrated.

They’ve left. It also damages your page ranking on Google.

As you can imagine, Google doesn’t like sending people to slow websites.

Make sure yours is lightning fast.

That’s all for today, folks! Stop by soon for more digital and SEO Experts Tricks and tips.


Author: Website Promoter

Fanatical About Internet Marketing and getting websites noticed via brand or keywords

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